Meow Mania at the Edmonton Woman’s Show!

By October 3, 2019Fall 2019
Meow Mania

Some of you might remember an adorable little smooshy faced cat at the Edmonton Woman’s Show last year. Matilda, the smoosh faced princess, is going to be back…. And that she’s bringing a host of friends, including her sister Agatha! We are pleased to announce that the 2019 Edmonton Woman’s Show is going to be playing host to the Edmonton Cat Fancier’s Meow Mania!

Come check out this special area of the show where you will get to see a variety of different cat breeds, meet rescue cats, find cat and pet related products and services, and talk with the experts! Enter the amazing world of cats – learn the difference between a Savannah and an Exotic Shorthair, find out if a cat is right for you, buy your own cat something, or just come interact with cats! Plus, be sure to find out the ways you can support the Edmonton Cat Fanciers. Cat therapy is in session!

Visit to find out more about the Edmonton Cat Fanciers or check out their Facebook page to follow Quirky Friday & other fun!

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