The Premier Event Celebrating Women – an Edmonton Staple for over 30 Years!

The Edmonton Woman’s Show delivers you a pre-qualified audience of women – a truly powerful demographic! These women are relational buyers who will become your community —your cheerleaders— and drive your word-of-mouth.

Why Women are Important to You

Women are over 50% of the population, and it is no longer adequate to splash something in pink in order to attract them. They are a powerful consumer, responsible for the majority of daily household purchase decisions. Beyond that, women are key influencers on buying decisions made by their partners, their friends, and their family members.

Inside everyone is a relational buyer and a transactional buyer, and we strategically market our Show in a way that attracts women who are in a relational mindset – they come to interact with exhibitors and form relationships. You can forge meaningful connections with them by giving them a chance to interact directly with you and your product – see it, touch it, experience it. The Edmonton Woman’s Show takes the fear out of trying new experiences and products, and gives attendees a low-risk activation. Turn them into your new clients!

Our Attendees

  • 54% came with a friend to the Show. 46% came with a family member
  • 35% indicated they eat out once a week, and equal amount indicated they eat out 2 or more times per week.
  • 81% indicated that they will be taking between 1 and 4 vacations in the next year. 61% indicated that at least one of these would be in Canada. 
  • These women are relational – they value connections, and they are willing to spend money on their relationships. 77% of visitors indicated they were likely to do business with a vendor that they met at the show!

What Drives Them?

Our exit surveys indicate their top pastimes are Friend & Family Time, Movies/TVShopping and Travel.
When asked to indicate their biggest challenges as women, they responded with:

  • 42%+ each: Health, Fitness
  • 30%: Life Balance
  • 22%-27% each – Time Limitations, Finances

Our Expertise

  • Family Productions Inc. formed in 1993
  • Since 1993, we’ve produced over 90 successful consumer tradeshows
  • As professional trade show producers, we are members of our association, CAEM
  • Since 2005, we’ve done over $11,738,000 worth of media advertising across all of our shows

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More About Us

We at Family Productions Inc. love to celebrate women – and we’ve been doing so by producing the Edmonton Woman’s Show since 1993! (That long!? Our youngest team members were still in diapers!) Our team is woman powered – so we understand the challenges and joys of being a woman in the modern world. We’re so happy to have created a Show that speaks to each woman’s unique experiences and lets them celebrate being a woman – whatever that means to them!

In our over 29 years of tradeshow experience, we have forged amazing relationships with local media, suppliers, and event centres. We are so excited to bring our passion and experience to you as our client. Want to creep on us some more? Head to!

To further discuss the benefits of marketing with a consumer tradeshow, and what the Edmonton Woman’s Show can do for your business, contact us!

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What Vendors are Saying

Good Exposure & Good location. First time selling product at tradeshow & it went well.

Sarah Casper/Dawn Perka, St. John Ambulance

We definitely have some good business leads... the attendees made it a rewarding day.

Eva/Randy, Jubilee Activewear

..very good turnout. Talked to a lot of people.

Dena Goulet, Arbor Memorial Gardens

Our goal was branding and we were able to talk to quite a few people.

Celeste Lavallee, Balance Nutrition

The Edmonton Woman’s Show recognizes (and celebrates!) that women are powerful as individuals, and as a community. We have created a Show just for them – an event that targets their needs, interests, indulgences, and more.