Understanding Treaty Relationships Through a Trauma Informed Approach by Azure & Dr. Sogand

By December 10, 20232024 EWS

We are excited to welcome speakers Azure and Dr. Sogand to the 2024 Edmonton Woman’s Show, happening January 20 & 21 at the Edmonton EXPO Centre! They’ll be up on the Main Stage presenting “Understanding Treaty Relationships Through a Trauma Informed Approach.” Join them as they delve into an exploration of the intricate dynamics within treaty relationships, employing a specialized lens that integrates trauma-informed principles.

Azure, a Plains Cree Treaty 6 Nehiyew Iskwew leading your community in Indigenous education & history, arts, performance, and traditional initiatives through land-based teachings, brings an intimate and practical knowledge of comprehending and navigating these relationships, on top of her education background in mental health, addictions, and psychology. Dr. Sogand uses her professional expertise, extensive academic background, and practical experience facilitating psychosocial healing and growth workshops, as well as her experience providing psycho-educational content to local, national and international audiences via social media to the conversation.

More about Azure:

Azure is the Plains Cree Treaty 6 Nehiyew Iskew leading your community in indigenous education, arts, performance, and entrepreneurship. She wears many hats a mother, Traditional Knowledge-Keeper, Treaty Harvester, educator, designer, model, and Cree-ator. Raising her 4 boys to be strong, inspiring Indigenous men, she is proud to be breaking harmful narratives affecting Indigenous peoples as part of the last generation to attend Canada’s residential schools.

Through her work in educating the public on the historic truths of Indigenous experiences, as well as cultivating passion for traditional arts and knowledge, she is healing the greater community every day. Azure sets a fierce example for all by using her resourcefulness, ambition and creativity to manage a thriving business that paves the way for future generations. She also enjoys the lighter side of this work through artistic design, and uses a variety of mediums such as beading, sewing, and painting.

Her company, Azure & Company, was founded on strong values that reflect honest leadership: focused on aiding the less fortunate, promoting truth in education, and helping all Treaty People towards real reconciliation through an Indigenous lens. They are contributing to a society of prosperity and integrity.

Her own educational background encompasses criminology, mental health, addictions, and psychology. Beyond the classroom, her wealth of knowledge stems from personal and communal experience – Azure loves volunteering her time to help her community and is a mighty advocate for the vulnerable.

To keep up with her many developing endeavors and interests, visit www.azureandcompany.org

More about Sogand Zakerhaghighi:

Sogand Zakerhaghighi is an Iranian-Canadian mental-health professional, intersectional content-creator and trauma-informed influencer. She holds a Masters Degree in Counselling (MC), and, a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and Sociology (BA) with special training in Health and Wellness Lifestyle Coaching and Cyber-Counselling.

Sogand has recently completed her Religious Doctorate Degrees in Pastoral Counselling (PhD) and Religious Studies (ThD) and frequents as a Mental-Wellness Columnist for mainstream Canadian news agencies such as CBC Edmonton and CTV News.

As the founder and director of SZ Wellness INC.©, Sogand uses her professional expertise and extensive academic background to conduct Wellness Sessions and facilitate workshops centred on psychosocial healing and growth. Further than this, with over a million followers across social media platforms, Sogand provides psycho-educational content to local, national and international audiences.

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