Christine Holubec-Jackson, Author & Stroke Survivor – Speaker

By December 19, 20232024 EWS
Author Christine Holubec-Jackson

Get ready to be inspired! We are thrilled to announce that author Christine Holubec-Jackson is returning to the Main Stage at the 2024 Edmonton Woman’s Show, happening January 20 & 21! Christine isn’t just an author; she’s a powerhouse who survived not just one, but multiple hemorrhagic strokes, and brain surgery. Who saw that coming? Nobody. Because strokes can hit anyone, anytime. Join her as she shares her incredible journey and the far-reaching impacts that go beyond the individual.

Christine’s candid sharing includes family challenges, career shifts, and identity transformations. Join her on a journey of discovery, where trials, tribulations, and setbacks become opportunities for resilience and valuable life lessons. Through her own ups and downs, Christine realized something profound – we’re all in this together. Life’s a classroom, and we’re both students and teachers. She encourages everyone to share their own narrative, tap into their own superpowers and embrace the power of connection. “We all have a story to tell. Let’s all start sharing. Let’s all learn from each other.”

More About Christine Holubec-Jackson:

Before her stroke Christine was a metallurgist technologist working in a steel mill and an advocate for women in non-traditional roles. She was a marathon runner and loved having adventures with her family from caving and white water rafting, to skiing and hiking. Christine also played bass guitar in two bands! Stroke changed her life in an instant.

Christine hasn’t just bounced back since her strokes; she has found new avenues. Christine has written two personal memoirs, two children’s books with a brainy superhero protagonist, hosted a podcast series, and shares her story wherever she can. Christine’s message includes insights into life with a brain injury and finding hope, resiliency, and our own personal superpower even in the face of overwhelming challenges. Her work is dedicated to building stronger connections while encouraging everyone to share their own story. She uses her time to give back, help others and encouraging others. Christine lives in Rural Alberta with her husband and pup, and has three wonderful children.

You can find out more information about her and her books, including the two Glia Girl Adventure Books, her first memoir 7 Jars of Hot Pickled Peppers, and her newly published memoir I Am Alive – My Journey To, Through and Beyond Strokes and Brain Surgery by visiting

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