Claire Martin

By August 30, 2016Fall 2016

We are so excited that Claire Martin will be joining us at the 2016 Fall Edmonton Woman’s Show to share her inspiring story of overcoming cancer.

Claire Martin is an award winning TV host/presenter and a veteran of the Canadian media industry, who has worked in the public service, as well as on and off camera for public and private broadcasters for nearly 30 years. She started winning over audiences in Edmonton, where in 1999 and again in 2000, she was awarded AMPIA’s (Alberta Motion Picture Industry Award) for “Best Female Host” and “Best Produced Educational Video” for writing and appearing in science videos designed to promote the Grade 5-8 science unit in the Alberta Public School science curriculum.

Most recently, Claire added “Cancer Survivor” to her resume, and her story as to how she battled the disease will inspire you, and more importantly, make you laugh.