Cross those “t’s” | Elaine Charal

Certified Handwriting Analysis || Elaine Charal

Forget seeing it in the alignment of the planets & stars; discover your strengths, aptitudes and your relationship qualities through your handwriting!

We are really excited to host Certified Graphologist- otherwise known as a Handwriting Analyst –Elaine Charal at the Fall Edmonton Woman’s Show.

Elaine has appeared on CBC’s Steve & Chris Show, “Come Dine With Me”, the Mike Bullard Show, Breakfast Television in Toronto and Edmonton, Canada AM, Global News at Noon, Connie Smith’s “Always Good News”, Ed the Sock, CTV News at Noon in Kitchener, Edmonton and Toronto, and “Urban Rush” in Vancouver, just to name a few! Whew!

Stop by to see Elaine to have your own handwriting analyzed for a glimpse into your true nature. What does an incomplete “a” indicate? Do your letters that slope to the left or to the right? How about if you dot your “i”s with little hearts? You’ll just have to come to find out!

**Elaine is first come, first serve! Her time on the floor with is person is limited, so make sure you stop by and fill out your form early to ensure you get a spot!**