DragonFX Permanent Cosmetics Area

By August 26, 2016Fall 2016

We are thrilled to welcome back the DragonFX Permanent Cosmetics Area at the 2016 Fall Edmonton Woman’s Show! This feature was a hit in the Spring, as so many of you were just as curious as we were to find out what the heck microblading is! This area will be your opportunity to learn about permanent makeup, including microblading for eyebrows, and how it can enhance your life!

Are your eyebrows hopeless? Do you dream of waking up ready to go, with minimal battle over matching your brows to each other? At the DragonFX Permanent Cosmetics Area you’ll be able to talk with professional tattoo artists like Amanda Marie – who has been doing permanent makeup procedures for the past four and a half years – about the permanent makeup styles they provide at Dragon FX Tattoo, including eyebrows, upper and lower eyeliner, lip liner, lip colour, and beauty marks!

Be sure to check out the DragonFX Permanent Cosmetics Area  to find out more about this method of permanently enhancing your image!