E-Ville Roller Derby

By July 21, 2015Fall 2015

Edmonton’s largest roller derby league will be at the 2015 Fall Edmonton Woman’s Show! We are excited to welcome E-Ville Roller Derby to this year’s show, where they will be doing various roller-skating demos and performances at their booth.

E-Ville Roller Derby was formed in 2006 by a group of pioneering women intent on promoting an active lifestyle and encouraging alternative sporting options for women in Edmonton and surrounding communities.

E-Ville Roller Derby is developing the next generation of derby athletes. Their goal is to teach and develop skating skills, game strategy and teamwork providing sportswomanship in a supervised structure. The league is proud member of the Canadian Women’s Roller Derby Association. Among this association’s goals are to promote the game now played on flat track, provide knowledge to the public about how the game is played and advertise any games played by the above leagues.