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By March 16, 2015PETS, Spring 2015

We are excited to announce that Chantel Schmidt of Equine Reflection will be at the Edmonton Woman’s Show doing some fantastic presentations! Chantel Schmidt is a lifetime horsewoman who was fortunate enough to have grown up around the magnificent animals. In her search for a way to combine her love of horses and her desire to make a difference in the life of others, she found the perfect fit in the Equine Gestalt Coaching method. After two years of intense training, Chantel became an EGC certified practitioner. Chantel is the owner and founder of Equine Reflection, as well as a self-image specialist and life coach. Together with horses she coaches for authenticity and truth. Chantel offers various equine partnered experiences, which lead both adults and children to a greater sense of self-worth.
Here’s a blurb from Chantel (owner of Equine Reflection) on what horses do for women:

“Let’s face it, ladies – we are all too hard on ourselves. As women we tend to look in the mirror, jump on scales and grab measuring tapes to find our worth. The problem with this is that we never find what we are looking for. The idea of perfection is a lie we have been told too many times.

Horses help us break the ridiculous cycle of looking outside ourselves for our value and worth. How do they do this? Horses only see the truth. Not the lies we as women have grown up believing.

When you spend time with horses, all the judgment can drop to the ground. Then you discover that all you really need is to be you! No scale, measuring tape, or mirror will ever reflect your greatness. Horses do! Giving you the courage to be brave, be true, be you.”

Presentation Times:

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Be sure to catch Chantel’s interviews on CHED (Sunday, April 12 with Chris Scheetz at 5pm) and CISN (Friday, April 17) for more information!