Exercise your Creativity!

By July 9, 2017Fall 2017

Come learn how to harness your creativity at workshops and stage presentations with Nancy Thygesen. 

Untangle with Zentangle! (Workshops)

Saturday, October 14 – 12:00 & 1:00
Sunday, October 15 – 12:30 & 3:00

This meditative art form takes doodling to the next level, one stroke at a time. Patterns unfold before your eyes on 3×3 tiles, creating a design that is unique to you. Developed by a yoga/meditation practitioner and a design artist, the Zentangle method can be a metaphor for the life process of change, transformation and regeneration. Nancy will guide you step by step in creating your own Zentangle tile.

Creative Mindfulness: Exercising your Creative Muscle (On-stage)

Saturday, October 14 – 10:30
Sunday, October 15 – 11:30

Creativity is not just the ability to wield a paintbrush but a state of mind that requires cultivation and nourishment. This method, developed by Barbara Grace of the School of Modern Psychology in Australia, is not just theory. It is a lens to view life problems and inspire growth and change, being demonstrated through over 30 years of practical applications with people from all walks of life. Nancy will share how the keys of creative mindfulness became the link between her work as art therapist and Pilates/movement teacher and how a simple exercise can open a door to your own personal transformation.

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Nancy Thygesen, BFA, MPS, Art Therapist As Creativity-in-Motion, Nancy Thygesen uses a body, mind and spirit approach to her work. As artist, dancer, movement specialist, and photographer with over 20 years’  hands-on experience, she has developed therapeutic interventions that integrate multiple expressive arts, encouraging others to reconnect to their creativity to promote holistic healing. She is also a certified Pilates teacher and dance movement practitioner, using the body’s innate wisdom for healing and growth. She is currently working on a creative mindfulness coaching designation with Barbara Grace of the School of Modern Psychology in Australia.