Gratitude & Healing with Daphne’s Healing Hands

By July 9, 2017Fall 2017

Join Daphne McDonagh of Daphne’s Healing Hands and Dr. Sheryl Rist of Balanced Lifestyle and Wellness for presentations on gratitude & healing at the 2017 Fall Edmonton Woman’s Show.

Daphne is a Rehabilitation & Wellness Practitioner who provides ‘First Aid for the Soul’. ​Specializing in balancing, restoring and rejuvenating energies, she is dedicated to the purpose of helping people and animals live a life of balance and harmony. When she was 15, she was in a nearly fatal car accident, suffering a massive closed head brain injury. She was on full life support for 14 days and there was a 99.8% chance she would not survive when they took her off life support. Amazingly, after 18 days in a coma and only 8 months in the hospital, she had learned how to walk, talk, and take care of herself again. After the accident, she lived in pain for over 20 years – before looking outside the box for different healing modalities.

For seventeen years, Daphne has helped both animals and people to let go of unnecessary baggage and live a life on purpose and without pain. In the services she provides, Daphne draws on a diverse educational background including Rehabilitation, Animal Science, and Crystal and Cold Laser Therapies.

Dr. Sheryl Rist is the owner of Balanced Lifestyle and Wellness. She an Alberta Registered Acupuncturist and a Doctorate of Natural Medicine. She has worked and studied with some of the industry’s top health care professionals. Her heart and mind are always in her work and she is a dedicated intuitive professional. Sheryl’s idea of success is when her patients are healthy and living their life to their fullest.

Presentation Times:
Saturday, October 15 – 4:00

Sunday, October 15 – 12:00

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