Greg Polkosnik, The Fashion Astrologer

By March 23, 2017Spring 2017

We are so excited to welcome back Fashion Astrologer, Greg Polkosnik! Join him at the main stage at the Spring edition of the Edmonton Woman’s Show on on April 29 & 30, 2017.

Greg is the author of “Cosmically Chic: Discovering Your Fashion Style through Astrology,” and the soon-to-be-published follow-up, “Star Struck Style.” Combining fashion expertise with astrological advice, his unique specialty has earned him the title “the world’s foremost expert on astrological style.” Greg has written fashion horoscopes for publications around the world, including “Harper’s Bazaar Online,” “Nylon” and “Teen Vogue” and is a popular guest on local media.

Discover how you can use sun-sign astrology to illuminate the styles that define your sign. With his insightful approach to the way in which we express ourselves through fashion, Greg presents a compelling reason to create an image for yourself that is in sync with the stars.

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