Guest Speaker | Joe Anglim

By March 18, 2016Spring 2016
Joe Anglim

We are incredibly excited to announce Joe Anglim of Survivor as one of the guest speakers for the 2016 Edmonton Woman’s Show, brought to you by Knoxville’s Tavern!

Loved by Survivor fans for his physical prowess, his amazing hair (and manbun!), and his handiness around camp, he competed in two back-to-back seasons of Survivor – Survivor: Worlds Apart and Survivor: Second Chance.

Joe competed so hard in challenges that it was his downfall – in both of the seasons he appeared in, he was voted out because he was too much of a physical threat. In one challenge, he pushed himself so hard that he actually passed out from the effort – leading to his being voted out at Tribal Council that night.

Joe will be on stage at the 2016 Spring Edmonton Woman’s Show on Saturday, April 16th ONLY.

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