Keeping it Simple, yet Classy – Cake Decorating Demos

By March 16, 2018Spring 2018
Keeping it Simple yet Classy

Join Debra DeBernardo for “Keeping it Simple, yet Classy” Cake Decorating Demos on the Culinary Stage at the Spring Edmonton Woman’s Show! She’ll be presenting at 11:00 on Saturday and 11:30 on Sunday.

LauraBella Custom Cakery all started with the births of Debra’s daughters: Isabella and Lauren. As a stay at home mom, looking to find a hobby, she took a few cake decorating classes. She not only found herself really enjoying decorating cakes late into the evening when everyone was fast asleep, but she found she had a hidden talent for it! Having the luxury of being the only cakery in the greater Edmonton region with a cake studio in her backyard, affords her the chance to maintain a healthy work/home life balance.

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