Kemba Designs

By March 10, 2016Spring 2016

Kemba Designs are one-of-a-kind, hand-crafted jewelry items created by Canadian designer, Kristen Edmiston. These designs are created with a balance of love, purpose, and gratitude. Jewelry can be such a personal reflection of our mood, our personalities, and sometimes even our experiences. Each KEMBA design is inspired by an experience, story, or designed with a special sentiment for it’s eventual owner. Their collection is ever-growing and they strive to spread positivity in all they do as a company, including donations for charity auctions and offering inspirational contests. Custom pieces are always an option, so if you’re looking for an extra special gift for someone, they can make just about any design idea a reality. Remember – there can (and should be) meaning in everything we do.

The magic with this is that everyone has a story and each story can be the inspiration for something beautiful to share.


Kemba Designs will be at the 2016 Spring Edmonton Woman’s Show – stop by their booth for some beautiful jewellery!