Koji’s Creations – Build your own Terrarium!

By April 3, 2018Spring 2018
Koji's Creations

Want to learn about succulents and get creative building your very own terrarium? Join Koji’s Creations at the 2018 Spring Edmonton Woman’s Show and create a beautiful terrarium to bring home! Don’t worry about being artistic or having a greenthumb! Koji’s Creations will guide you through the steps of planting, caring for, and maintaining your terrarium. They will demonstrate simple techniques that transform a few succulents and a bit of creativity into living art displays.

Koji’s Creations is named after their toy Australian Shepherd Koji as the word can translate into small, and he is small and cute! So Koji’s Creations means small creations! When creating their small business, they kept in mind the local people of Edmonton and what we all have been through these past few years. Koji’s Creations is about providing fun, social and creative events to allow everyone to try, learn or do something different. They are about providing social, and fun events at a competitive price!

*Price includes all materials and items to create your terrarium, NO EXTRA Costs!*

You will be able to choose from the following terrariums:

  1. Glass bubble bowl, 10 cm in diameter: $25
  2. 10 cm Geometric Terrariums: $35
  3. 15cm Geometric Terrariums: $45

$2.00 from each terrarium sold at the event will go to The Edmonton Woman’s Show’s Charity of Choice, the Lurana Shelter Society!

What’s included in the terrarium fee?

  1. Terrarium;
  2. 1-2 succulents;
  3. All materials to plant;
  4. All decorative items to personalize your terrarium;
  5. Step by step instructions and support planting your terrarium; and
  6. Fun!