Local adventurer Kelly Sloan

By March 21, 2018Spring 2018
Local Adventurer Kelly Sloan

Join local adventurer Kelly Sloan at the 2018 Spring Edmonton Woman’s Show for “Dogsledding Greenland’s Pack Ice Wilderness”. She’ll be on the main stage at 3:30 on Saturday and 4:00 on Sunday!

Kelly Sloan’s long-held passion for the far North and all things snowy led her, in April 2018, to explore the fjords of Greenland by dogsled with Pirhuk, a mountain expedition company based in Kulusuk, East Greenland.  In remote East Greenland, she learned about the culture of the people and experienced the common emotions that connect all humanity: love, appreciation for beauty, music, fear, embarrassment, and humor. Her presentation includes photographs and videos from the adventure, stories, and appreciation for the toughness of the East Greenlandic people.

For decades, Kelly Sloan has been exploring mountain and wilderness landscapes with a particular interest in ice, snow and winter.  Her adventure travel has taken her to many places around the world including the Cordillera Blanca Range in Peru, the Scottish Highlands, Joshua Tree, the Canadian Rockies, the Yukon, Alaska, and now Greenland.  In between adventures, she calls Edmonton her home!

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