Lower Back Lab: Hands-on Pain Relief Strategies presented by J Fitness and Training

By December 6, 20232024 EWS
J Fitness and Training

We are thrilled to welcome Jason Rotteveel, a Certified Personal Trainer and Pain-Free Performance Specialist, to the Main Stage at the 2024 Edmonton Woman’s Show, happening January 20 & 21. Join us for an empowering session featuring a condensed version of Jason’s renowned workshop, “The Lower Back Lab: Hands-on Pain Relief Strategies.”

In this enlightening presentation, Jason will unravel the mysteries of back discomfort, placing a spotlight on the pivotal role of hip mobility. Discover effective self-myofascial release techniques designed to alleviate muscle tension, providing you with tangible tools for ongoing pain relief.

No matter your fitness level or age, Jason’s workshop is tailored for everyone with a back—especially those who occasionally experience discomfort. Learn customized stretching exercises to lengthen short muscles and engage in targeted activities to activate and strengthen your core and glutes—essential supporters for a healthy lower back.

Join Jason as he imparts valuable, practical skills, empowering you with newfound control over your back health. Walk away with insights that transcend the workshop, enabling you to integrate wellness seamlessly into your daily routine.

Don’t miss this opportunity to embark on a journey toward better health with J Fitness and Training. We look forward to seeing you at the Main Stage for The Lower Back Lab, a session filled with actionable insights and transformative fitness strategies!

Meet Trainer Jason Rotteveel: A Holistic Fitness Approach

Jason’s fitness journey led him to become a Certified Personal Trainer and a Pain-Free Performance Specialist. Drawing inspiration from clients’ experiences, he specializes in functional fitness, mobility, and injury prehab and rehab. Jason’s client-centric approach respects individual body needs, offering low-impact, pain-free workouts that enhance strength, flexibility, and overall well-being.

At J Fitness and Training, fitness is a transformative journey aimed at improving your quality of life. Jason’s passion for fitness goes beyond routine; it’s about moving better, feeling better, and embracing a healthier, more active you. Learn more by visiting J Fitness and Training

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