Mariel Montero Sena – Huma Mexican Restaurant

By February 12, 2019Spring 2019

Get ready to fiesta in front of our Culinary stage, with Mariel Montero Sena of Huma Mexican Restaurant! Presenting a special dish to be announced soon – Mariel’s use of bold Mexican flavours are sure to get you excited to try some new recipes in your own kitchen!  Come see her on Saturday and Sunday!

Presentation Times: 12:00pm, April 13th and April 14th.

Mariel is a qualified chef and brings both her love of fresh good food and her wonderful, colourful personality to everything she creates in the kitchen.  Mariel’s vibrant and lively personality landed her a spot on the first season of HGTV’s “Chopped Canada”.

Beto’s enthusiasm for delicious authentic Mexican food and drink combined with his passion and vast experience working in hospitality all over the world make him a perfect life and business partner. You will find Beto chatting with the customers in the restaurant and on weekends he is in the kitchen creating mouth-watering dishes.

Both Mariel and Beto have a love of food that brings them both into the kitchen to create incredible, tasty meals and outside the kitchen to meet their customers in a relaxed, warm and happy atmosphere. Everyone is family at Huma!


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