MedTalks Inc. presents The Queen’s Clock – Women’s Cardiac and Brain Emergencies

By September 11, 2019Fall 2019

Did you know that the symptoms for stroke and heart attack are different for men and women? No? We are not surprised! Medical information is often male focused, and it’s about time we ensure that everyone knows the signs for both men and women!

We are excited to welcome MedTalks to the Main Stage at the 2019 Fall Edmonton Woman’s Show to share information during their 2 presentations: “‘The Queen’s Clock’ MedTalk on Women’s Cardiac Emergencies” and “‘The Queen’s Tower’ MedTalk on Women’s Brain Emergencies.”

Some info on MedTalks:
The MedTalks team is made up of Mike Newton and Chris O’Neill, who are both active fire fighters in Edmonton and medical educators within the fire department. Their third member is Peter Vermulean, who is a registered Psychiatric nurse and educator on addictions and mental health.

MedTalks specializes in large workshops and presentations to corporations, offices, and teams on medical emergency management. They aren’t about preventative health – this is information for when something has gone wrong, and what can be done to help the situation. The idea is to spread awareness through very fun, informal education and encourage some emergency preparedness like taking medical training or some basic skill training. They educate on the 911 process and what to expect when you activate 911. They are often presenting on common workplace medical emergencies, heart and brain emergencies, overdose awareness, and through Peter they have been able to add mental health components looking at the emotional impact of being involved in a medical emergency or behavioural emergencies. They also offer certified medical training through MedTalks.

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