Featured Figure: Monica Rain

By December 7, 20232024 EWS
Monica Rain

Featured Figure: Monica Rain of Little Tipi Family

In her words: I am Nakota Sioux, I grew up in Paul First Nation, west of Edmonton on treaty 6 territory. Before an artist, I am a mother to 9 and kokum to 3. The tipi represents how resilient my people are, a trait that cannot be taken away from us. My work is based in my home where I get to share my knowledge, rights of passage, and the tipi teachings to my children first. As a family, we’d all share an experience like no other assembling the tipis. After incorporating the paint kits with the tipis I was able to coordinate mini tipi teaching seminars for the second year in a row to an indigenous summer camp offered to children in care. My work has helped heal the trauma that came along with surviving residential day school and provide guidance to the younger generations about our traditional ways. I am very passionate about what I do and always strive for innovative ways to engage and educate through my tipis. Ishnish (‘thank you’ in Stoney)

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