Rewrite Your Story presented by Jessie Mann & Kristen Traverse of My Why

By August 7, 2018Fall 2018
Jessie Mann and Kristen Traverse of My Why

We are excited to welcome back Kristen Traverse, along with her co-creator of My Why Jessie Mann, to the 2018 Fall Edmonton Woman’s Show! Jessie and Kristen have a mission to empower women to overcome their heartache and challenges to take ownership of their lives. They believe resilience and strength can be fostered and that you can rewrite your story, whatever stage your life is in! See them on the Main Stage on Sunday only.

Together they have created My Why, an organization that is focused on bringing awareness to mental wellness, speaking about compassionate care and telling stories of lived experiences. Kristen Traverse and Jessie Mann both had unique circumstances that brought them together. 

Kristen, a Registered Nurse and a mom of two young boys, suffered a stroke at a young age, and with years of hard work and help, she literally had to re-learn to speak, read and write again. After years of determination and rehabilitation, she would eventually go back to nursing in a role that allows her to educate fellow nurses, patients and families about stroke recovery and prevention.

Jessie, an Educator of both high school and post-secondary education, broke several bones in her pelvis and back after her horse stumbled when she was barrel racing. With a mix of grace and grit, Jessie would eventually walk again and even begin riding horses.

Together, they have overcome their own obstacles, and taken their challenges to make a difference in the healthcare field, speaking about compassionate and empathetic care.
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