Nancy Thygesen – Of Moose and Men: 3 Keys to Attracting the Love of your Life

By September 4, 2019Fall 2019
Nancy Thygesen

We are thrilled to welcome Nancy Thygesen as she presents “Of Moose and Men: 3 Keys to Attracting the Love of your Life (aka You can’t hunt for moose in downtown Vancouver)” up on the Main Stage at the 2019 Fall Edmonton Woman’s Show on Saturday ONLY!

Are you frustrated with your dating experiences and are scared or discouraged to put yourself out there? Or maybe you’re looking for a modern man with integrity, loyalty, and character and wonder if such an animal exists? Today’s social media and internet dating culture brings its own challenges, but with preparation inside and out, it is not impossible! If you can relate, join Nancy Thygesen, dating coach and relationship warrior, art therapist, and inspirational speaker who met and married her soulmate after 25 years as a divorced single mom. You’ll hear a real story on how after many twists and turns, love is possible at any age. You’ll learn how to get clear on your vision for a loving relationship, what obstacles could be in the way and get solid tips to move you forward in your dating and relationship life.

Nancy Thygesen (BFA, MPS) is a pastoral counsellor, love and relationship coach and art therapist. She mentors women to stand in their true value and align with their values so that they get out of dating overwhelm to trust and attract cherished love. A divorced single mom in 1987, after many side roads and dating debacles, she met and married her soul mate Rick in 2013. She has developed a creative blueprint that looks at the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical issues that women may face in their journey for healthy, fulfilling relationships. Nancy has facilitated art therapy with women in addictions recovery, sexual abuse and trauma, and cancer survivors. She is putting a stake in the ground for relationships that are in breakdown in today’s culture. Nancy is a wife to Rick, mother of 2 amazing adult children and grandmother of 7.

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