Nu2You Consignment Boutique Fashion Show

By September 5, 2019Fall 2019
Nu2You Fashion Show

The Fashion Show at the 2019 Fall Edmonton Woman’s Show is going to have a bit of a twist! Presented by Nu2You Consignment Boutique, it’s going to cover casual wear, formal wear, and funk/funky wear… and all items are going to be consignments from the boutique! Whether you are looking for high quality fashions at a fraction of the retail cost, or you want to flex your sustainability/environmental muscle, going with “new to you” fashions is a great way to go! Nu2You Consignment Boutique has a great selection of designer and contemporary fashions in pristine condition, and they are excite to be showcasing them in a fashion show up on the Main Stage!

Nu2You stands apart from all other consignment stores because it’s an odorless shopping environment thanks to their policy of only accepting freshly laundered items on hangers, and then using an environmentally (and human) friendly deodorizer. Thus, Nu2You has the ability to bring it’s customers pristine-condition, low cost fashions.

Sustainability matters! There has been a 400 percent increase in the consumption of clothing over the past 20 years. So what happens to all of those clothes after they go out of style? The answer is not good. It is estimated that globally one garbage truck full of clothing enters a landfill or is burned every second. However, a high percentage of clothing could be reused. To help support sustainability, consumers should consider consigning clothing and participating in a circular economy and in turn, reduce the amount of water and energy required to make new garments. The more the consignor consigns, the more positive impact we have on the environment. And consignment is just that!

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