Origami Maniacs Make & Take

By September 6, 2019Fall 2019
Origami Manaics

Have you ever practiced the beautiful art of origami? Come and join Origami Maniacs Classes & Services at the 2019 Edmonton Woman’s Show, and experience the amazement of doing something pretty from a simple piece of paper. No experience needed. Join in a mini workshop where you will choose to fold a beautiful origami tulip and a flower, or some cute bunnies and pumpkins. Mariela will be waiting for you. The workshop is $10.00 with the material included. You will also have the chance to purchase unique and beautiful origami decorations and mobiles to give a nice touch to that special place at home, or to make somebody special smile with a touching detail…. Mariela will be waiting for you to share in this beautiful art form!

Mariela is an experienced origami instructor certified by NOA (Nippon Origami Association) while living in Japan for 12 years. Origami Maniacs Classes & Services offer you origami classes as a relaxation therapy for adults and children, and a variety of decoration services.

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