Resounding Voices Studio

By July 20, 2015Fall 2015

Have you ever spoken on the phone with a friend and could immediately tell that something was wrong, just by the tone of their voice? Of course! Our voices reveal so much about us. They are inextricably linked to our emotions and our breath. And if you know how to look, your voice can be a wonderful gauge for how you are caring for yourself. Tensions in the body, emotional stresses, imbalances in your diet – all these things show up in your voice. If eyes are the window to the soul, then the voice is its true expression.

Cindy Koistinen is a classically trained soprano with a Master of Music degree in Opera Performance. She is part life-coach, part performance psychologist, part butt-kicker and an entirely passionate instructor who has been teaching voice for over twenty years! As the founding instructor of Resounding Voices Studio, Cindy works with clients to help them live in the moment, breathe, and release stress and emotions in a healthy way.

Resounding Voices Studio will be doing daily presentations on the Main Stage at the 2015 Fall Edmonton Woman’s Show! Come learn the benefits of regular singing, including basic vocal exercises and physical stretches. There will also be a fabulous performance by Cindy Koistinen!  To see the Stage Schedule, click here.