Sharon Mallon – The Gift of Adultery

By July 21, 2015Fall 2015

Sharon Mallon is a newly minted author, and retired broadcaster.  For close to 35 years she regaled listeners with anecdotes of her life.  In March of 2014, her life imploded.  She learned the ‘love of her life’ was leaving her for his mistress of 9 months.  She was shocked and inconsolable.  Within 6 months, she began to realize his betrayal was a ‘gift’.  She found many ‘gifts’ in her grief, and decided to share them.  She knew she wasn’t the only one who was a ‘victim’ of betrayal.  Her story is raw and emotional, but hopeful and inspirational.  She now spends her time, sharing her ‘gift’ of recovery with others.

Sharon will be coming to the Main Stage at the 2015 Fall Edmonton Woman’s Show to discuss her experiences!  To see the Stage Schedule, click here.
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