Tailored Interior Design Workshops

By March 11, 2016Spring 2016

Tailored Interior will be holding Design Workshops at the 2016  Spring Edmonton Woman’s Show! Have an interior design question or problem? This is your chance to talk one-on-one with an expert and get advice on how you can achieve certain looks for your home!

Tailored Interior is a residential interior design and home decor firm that focuses on each clients individual needs, as well as incorporating all design elements and principles in every space to create a perfect atmosphere. They specialize in spaces that are truly tailored to their clients.

Aness Handous’ desire to create beautiful, functional, perfectly tailored spaces does come from her design backround as well as her personal experience as a homeowner. She truly believes in the importance of proper implementation of design elements and principles to create a truly functional, comfortable yet well styled space. Her goal for every client is to tailor a space that fits their needs and wants, while identifying the clients vision and achieving that perfect space all within budget.