The HelloYEG Colouring Centre

One of the wonderful features at this year’s Fall Edmonton Woman’s Show will be the HelloYEG Colouring Centre, where you can kick back and unleash your inner child with pages from Jason Blower’s HelloYEG books!

Colouring for adults is a craze that has been growing and growing in the past six months. Book stores both big and small are seeing a dramatic increase in demand. It is considered an exercise in mindfulness, relaxation, and de-stressing. Colouring allows you to unleash your creativity and feel young again!

HelloYEG is a colouring and activity book featuring the beautiful city of Edmonton. It’s designed to help kids explore many of the attractions the city has to offer, while learning about the city’s history and touching on other skills, including science and language. It’s based on Alberta’s provincial school curriculum and has a fun, creative, and enlightening outlook through the perspectives of the main characters, Lucy, Atoo, and Reena (pictured above).

Jason Blower’s colouring books will be available for sale at the HelloYEG Colouring Centre, so make sure to grab one!