Unique Events

By March 9, 2017Spring 2017

A huge thank you to Unique Events for providing the décor for the 2017 Spring Edmonton Woman’s Show! Look for their decor on the Main Stage, on the tables at the Main Stage, and at the Front Doors! And be sure to go talk to them at their booth (405)!

Maxine Paul is the founder, planner and creative force behind Unique Events. She not only loves to draw attention to style and detail but also the drama behind the setting.

She believes strongly that every event result should be meticulous, well-thought out, and well executed. More than that, it should be an emotionally charged experience. After all, most of life’s great moments are triggered, remembered and reinforced through emotion. Her passion for presentation, aesthetics and a bit of drama began early in life. From plays with elaborate sets and props, to baby and bridal showers, to silent auctions, large scale weddings and social functions, she fell in love with the whole process and found a channel for her creativity.

Growing up around talented parents helped immensely. They were very creative and innovative in their own furniture and drapery business for decades. She guesses some of it is hard wired into her DNA and the rest has been absorbed through immersion over the years! In any case she feels qualified to help you capture life’s special moments. Together, you can bring them to fruition for you on a scale that’s perfect for your next event!