WISEST (Women in Scholarship, Engineering and Technology) is a unit of the University of Alberta that has dedicated 32 years to empowering women in the sciences, engineering and technology. WISEST believes that ALL women are capable of doing science and that everyone should have the opportunity to explore it in a safe and supportive environment, and above all, science learning should just be fun!

Join in the science fun with WISEST in our seminar camp area, where they will be hosting two interactive workshops per day. Roll up your sleeves and participate in some hands-on science experiments that will make you laugh, gasp, and marvel at some of the many wonders of science. Some of the fun projects they are cooking up are making a robot arm, balloon skewers, meteorites & craters & an elephant toothpaste demo. What’s elephant toothpaste, you ask? You’ll just have to drop in and unleash your inner science geek to find out!