Pork lovers of Edmonton, rejoice!! The Alberta Pork producers are taking the stage by storm at the Fall Edmonton Woman’s Show with some delightful cooking presentations. You won’t want to miss this incredible display of skill (and deliciousness) featuring up-and-coming chef Eric Hanson. There will be four opportunities throughout the Fall Edmonton Woman’s Show to watch him make delightful pork-related creations – you’ll definitely want to be there! He’ll be demonstrating the importance of brining and how easy it is to sous vide at home. Using pork tenderloin, you lose a dramatic pint  of weight and moisture as you cook – this combination of techniques used together ensures you’re getting everything you pay for, as well as yielding the tastiest result!

1.) Seared pork tenderloin with charred onion petals, veal jus, cauliflower purée

2.) Ma Hor (or in English, the Galloping Horse) – ground pork cooked with garlic, green onions, a little chili, palm sugar and crushed peanuts

The high quality pork produced in Alberta is in demand all over the world (they ship to over 100 countries!). In fact,  international demand for Alberta Pork is growing because our local farmers deliver natural, mostly grain-fed and always delicious pork products. Alberta Pork producers want to help feed the passion that our pork creates overseas and right here in Alberta – check out their website ( for more information!