Canada Diagnostic Centres

By February 14, 2019Spring 2019

We’re pleased to have Canada Diagnostic Centres as a sponsor of the 2019 Spring Edmonton Woman’s Show this year! Learn how they can help you with your diagnostic imaging needs and have been leading the way in women’s imaging for over 25 years!

Canada Diagnostic Centres (CDC) is a diagnostic imaging provider committed to delivering exceptional patient care in the medical imaging field. They opened their doors in Calgary in 1993 as the first non-hospital, private MRI provider in Western Canada. Since 2004, they have expanded to 16 locations across Alberta, providing patients and health care professionals with advanced diagnostic imaging.

Check into any of the Canada Diagnostic Centres to find out why they’re a great choice for you! Over 96% of patients that responded to their 2018 survey would recommend their services to family, friends and colleagues.

Canada Diagnostic Centres

“Providing exceptional patient care for a healthier you.”

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