We are gearing up for a fabulous show this Spring! Carol Maier of Country Road Greenhouses will be hosting micro-green potting Make and Take workshops at the Spring Edmonton Woman’s Show! Plant an herb in an ellepot – Country Road Greenhouses’ biodegradable plant pot, manufactured locally in Strathcona County.

Workshop Times:

11:00 am
3:00 pm

12:00 pm
1:30 pm
3:30 pm

Cost: $10.00 per Participant

Country Road Greenhouses uses sustainable growing practices, collecting the run off water from the greenhouses and directing the water for reuse. They manufacture ellepots, a biodegradable paper pot. By using ellepots they have reduced the usage of thin wall plastic pots by over one million since 2009. In 2008 they started using biological controls using good bugs to keep away harmful or unwanted insects.

Country Road Greenhouses will also be providing a fresh splash of springtime to the showfloor in the form of some green installations for us, so keep an eye out for those!

To learn more about Country Road Greenhouses, visit!

Stage Schedule