CANCELLATION – Stump Kitchen’s Alexis Hillyard

By September 9, 20222022 EWS

UPDATE – Due to illness, we are sad to announce that Alexis Hillyard will not be able to attend her speaking presentations at the 2022 Edmonton Woman’s Show today and tomorrow. On behalf of the Show and Alexis, we apologize for the last minute cancellation. We wish her a speedy recovery and look forward to welcoming Alexis back in the future.


We are so thrilled to welcome back to the stage Alexis Hillyard – creator of Stump Kitchen. She’ll be presenting at the 2022 Edmonton Woman’s Show! Catcher on stage at 11am on Saturday and 3pm on Sunday!

Alexis found a new passion for cooking when she started creating delicious, gluten-free, vegan meals for herself at home after being diagnosed as gluten intolerant and making the leap from vegetarian to vegan. She decided to start a YouTube series to share her passion with the world.

Oh yeah… you may be wondering why Stump Kitchen. Well, Alexis has a stump! Born without her left hand, she loves this unique feature about herself! Stump Kitchen showcases the interesting and ‘Stumptastic’ ways she uses her body when she cooks. She is constantly expanding the vocabulary of what’s possible in the kitchen, and has inspired many people, both with stumps and without, to do the things you love and to get MESSY in the kitchen! What better way to celebrate and connect to the food you make for yourself than getting your hands (or stump) right in there!

Stump Kitchen celebrates body diversity, gluten free vegan cooking, and the amazing, unique ways we move through the world. We look forward to seeing what Alexis is going to show us at the 2022 Fall Edmonton Woman’s Show!

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