The Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry Health and Wellness Stage

By July 22, 2015Fall 2015

At this year’s Fall Edmonton Woman’s Show, we are excited to announce the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry Health and Wellness Stage! As the name would suggest, this stage will feature a number of exciting presentations  from experts at the University of Alberta about one of the most sought-after topics these days – our health. Guests are sure to walk away from this feature having learned plenty of valuable information!

Some of the amazing experts that will be joining us include:

–        Christina Korownyk and Mike Allen presenting “What is the Quality of Information Presented on Medical Talk Shows, Including the Doctors and the Doctor Oz Show?”

–        Sue Chandra presenting information on Advanced Maternal Age and the Effects on Pregnancy

–        Sally Lockwood and Alexandra Sheppard presenting information on Oral Cancer and Raising Awareness

–        Donna Manca presenting information on Screening and Myths

–        Jean Triscott presenting information on Elderly Care and its Impact on Caregivers

–     Maria Febbraio presenting information on The Unreliable Internet: What You Don’t Know CAN Hurt You

–        Doug Klein and Jennifer Klein presenting information on Getting Fit in Your Community

–        Denise Campbell-Scherer presenting “Reframing Obesity”

–        Connie Lebrun presenting information on Concussion and Gender – Is The Female Brain Different?

Stay tuned for more experts and topics, as well as stage times!

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Stay tuned for more details, including more presentation titles and topics.  To see the Stage Schedule, click here.